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How To Monument

How to Monument was a performance integrated in the festival Global Art Together in Gwangju, South Korea, curated by Gwang Cheol Gim and Park Kyeong Hwa. The performance was made with the help of the local artist Seung Hee Yeom. The work evolved around the recent creation of several memorials in honor to the Confort Women, their effectiveness and power over South Korea's collective memory.

The term “comfort women” was given to young women from Japanese-occupied areas in Asia forced to work in military brothels during World War II. Around 200,000 young woman, with around 16years old, were taken from different countries including South Korea. In 2017 Kim Hak-sun was the first Woman to denounce the atrocities that were made to her while under the violence of the Japanese army. Many other woman followed Hak-sun and rapidly became a collective memory. The memorials were made to remember these young woman's but as well to demand a public apology and reparations to the Japanese government and its Emperor. Until today Japanese have been avoiding the issue but the Comfort Woman memorials are spreading over South Korea, European and some American cities.

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