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(Im)possible (Hi)stories

(Im)possible (Hi)stories was an art and research project made by the artist Márcio Carvalho and peace researcher Eeva Puumala. The project was organized by Floating Platforms, a platform exploring dialogues between performance art, science and humanities, organized by New Performance Turku Festival and Aboagora Symposium.

Both used the notion of Borrowed Memories to bring together narrations from asylum seekers and Finnish elder inhabitants of the city. Through interviews and conversations with people from both groups they gather memories they would like to keep and memories they would like to forget. It was surprising the variety of commonalities existing between both groups such as the fact that both faced war in the past or their actual dependency on the state.

The final project was presented as a performance, a series of short films and a letter with more than 30 stories from asylum seekers and Finnish elders that were assembled together.

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