Collective exhibition

São Paulo, Brazil


OPEAN - The European Concert & Performance Festival
Einstein Kultur (Einsteinstr. 42), München


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The National Arts Festival is an annual festival of performing arts in Makhanda, South Africa. It is the largest arts festival on the African continent and one of the largest performing arts festivals in the world by visitor numbers

National Art Festival

Who Do We Come To H(a)unt

Hacking Monuments promoted by Pietro Gaglianò and Simona Da Pozzo are based on the research launched in 2016 in Milan about the perception and use of monuments by citizens, artists and activists. The goal is to implement and share the results in engaging ways through talks, workshops and a final mapping of the most significant monuments for citizens.

Hacking Monuments

A transnational cooperation project exploring our shared and contested Colonial heritage and its influence on contemporary culture.

Contested Desires

In collaboration with Goethe Institut Moscow

Art and research project about the Moscow's public spaces, its statues and monuments, how they form its citizens collective memory and the relation with the past movements of De-stalinization and Decommunization. For this period Carvalho will collaborate with several Moscow based organizations.

Goethe Institut Moscow

Museu Municipal de Penafiel, Portugal

Curated by Maria Manuela Lopes


Recherchestipendien Bildende Kunst 2019

Find and Disrupt – Recalling and Decommissioning Public Spaces

Performance How to Monument, Kwangju, South Korea

Márcio Carvalho (DE/PT), Yisan Jeong (KOR)

Curated by Gim Gwang Cheol and Park Kyeong Hwa