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We Are Here Because You Were There

We Are Here Because You Were There is an expression coined by Ambalavaner Sivanandan that tries to explain Colonialism and immigration has part of the same continuum. Its a expression that is very actual today as it can give an idea of why there is a overflow of asylum seekers from regions in the world that were colonized and explored by western powers.

Carvalho created a room that resembled a warehouse of a museum. In it different objects were displayed and distinct smells from species could be perceived. Most of the objects were made with colonial hats and species brought from the African, South American and Asian continents. Other objects such as photographies, lemons and a palm leaf showed time passing – time to understand the past in order to project a better future.

"We Are Here Because You Were There" took place at Underground Gallery, Lisbon, curated by Jorge Reis

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