Deadline: 12 June

Results by: 25 June

WHO DO WE COME TO H(A)UNT is an interactive art project that uses drawing to disrupt the memorial culture advertised by statues, monuments and memorials of colonial and imperial rulers still standing today in many cities around the globe. Anybody from any geography can use this project as a healing site where alternative stories can be draw and told and where old hegemonic histories can be re-customized.

Is there a monument in you country, city, village or backyard you think it should be contested? So this open call is for you!


We inherited statues, monuments and memorials that still stand today in our cities, commemorating colonial and imperial rulers. In order to re-imagine our public spaces, share stories, interrupt hegemonic histories and demand justice we need to challenge this particular public art and engage together in reshaping our memories.


The artist Marcio Carvalho invites anybody from the four corners of the world to collaborate with him in his new art project Who Do We Come to H(A)unt. The idea is to create a pool of drawing-collaborations between the artist and audiences to share alternative stories and build a healing site to critical engage in re-interpreting the histories behind those objects. Each drawing will be published online and can be complemented and re-customized by a wider audience.


The process is very simple: Send a picture of the statue/monument/memorial and a one paragraph text explaining why we should open a forum to contest it, to:            marcionomundo@gmail.com

The artist will create a drawing and stickers related with the statue/monument/memorial you just send. On the 25 of June, during the NATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL, the drawings will be available for anybody to challenge our collective memory.

Marcio Carvalho - Visual Artist, Performance Artist and Curator

 © 2020 by Marcio Carvalho

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